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There is no one easy way to keep abreast of national trends and issues.
This would enable UK scientists to keep abreast of planning, but denies them active participation in meetings and cruises unless they are specifically invited.
and "The Recruiters Guide Book", is that it helps professionals keep abreast of the latest happenings in their industry and thus keeps their skills updated.
The family uses a vast network of churches, synagogues, schools and human service organizations to keep abreast of who the less fortunate are in the Agoura area and who might appreciate 10 to 12 bags of free groceries to ensure they will not go without a holiday feast.
Whether you hire a controller or a CPA, it's still your responsibility to keep abreast of the day-to-day financial status of your business.
The demand for the website came from our customers who needed to keep abreast of the vast scope of our latest print capabilities.
We're funding primarily equipment and trying to keep abreast of new technology,'' Anderson said.
With WiMAX World, we are bringing the global wireless and mobile broadband community together, helping executives keep abreast of these fast-paced and emerging technologies.