keep alive

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The Londoners have slipped from fourth to ninth in the table after winning just one of their last nine matches and need a dramatic reversal in form if they are to keep alive their top-eight hopes.
Their leaders--including Emperor Justinian--were determined to keep alive all the glories and culture of Rome.
"All the passages we have heard--and especially the performance as a whole in which the 16th and 20th centuries run parallel-together confirm the conviction that sacred polyphony, particularly that of the so-called 'Roman School,' is a legacy to preserve with care, to keep alive and to make known, not only for the benefit of experts and lovers of it but also for the entire ecclesial community, for which it constitutes a priceless spiritual, musical and cultural heritage.
Datz brings to life the morbid fascination Ivy has with both the curse and the practice of taxidermy as a way to keep alive the unconditional and disconcerting love she has for her mother.
Students might be puzzled by Moses' dictate regarding war captives: kill all non-virgins but keep alive for yourselves all women and children who are virgins.
Those efforts failed because the cells are difficult to keep alive, L'Heureux says.
Leaders Pontardawe were not in action yesterday, but Tredegar had to pull out all the stops to keep alive their promotion prospects with a 1-0 victory over bottom club Seven Sisters.
IN hospitals across Britain this morning doctors and nurses are battling to keep alive premature babies who were born before 24 weeks of pregnancy.
It's a flow chain that we've got to keep alive (and) it's really operating well at the moment.
Their dissemination to every part of Russia and installation in every conceivable setting helped to keep alive the idea of Holy Russia as a sacred space constructed on the religious-political notion of Moscow as the Third Rome.
Although Silverstein will choose his own team, he said he would keep alive the spirit of Daniel Libeskind's design that was selected by the Lower Manhattan Development Foundation and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in February.
The SBHS, under the leadership of Slayden Yarbrough, was hoping to keep alive the work of the commission, and he did a masterful job, working part-time as executive director of the society and full-time as chair of the Department of Religion at Oklahoma Baptist University.