keep an account

See: deposit
References in classic literature ?
So you keep an account of my good and bad marks in Brooke's face, do you?
This was the only voyage which I may say was successful in all my adventures, which I owe to the integrity and honesty of my friend the captain; under whom also I got a competent knowledge of the mathematics and the rules of navigation, learned how to keep an account of the ship's course, take an observation, and, in short, to understand some things that were needful to be understood by a sailor; for, as he took delight to instruct me, I took delight to learn; and, in a word, this voyage made me both a sailor and a merchant; for I brought home five pounds nine ounces of gold-dust for my adventure, which yielded me in London, at my return, almost
LAHORE -- Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President Zahid Latif Malik demanded the government to set -up an export monitoring committee to keep an account of policies formulation and their implementation.
The first asked participants to keep an account of their nostalgic feelings over 30 days.
Most often, a borrower is not required to keep an account with the provider to get a loan, and all a customer needs to do is submit the necessary documents.
However, he added: "If we were asked specifically by the police or racing authorities to keep an account open, we probably wouldn't say no.