keep an eye upon

See: examine, survey
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It became necessary to keep an eye upon the deputies.
The rival parties now encamped together, not out of companionship, but to keep an eye upon each other.
He ordered, however, Oswald to keep an eye upon him; and directed that officer, with two of his serfs, to convey Ivanhoe to Ashby as soon as the crowd had dispersed.
Special instructions have been given to all Nakabandi points to keep an eye upon professionals who bring small children in vehicles for beggary in Islamabad, he added.
Being sensible, I would have to keep an eye upon the up-andcoming costs for both daughters further education (and possibly a place to live for both of them).
Few can place the ball off their legs with such precision as Katich while Smith, a 24-year-old South African who is serving his England qualification period, is certainly one to keep an eye upon.
Finally, I'm always asked which sectors to keep an eye upon.