keep away from

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As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor.
Mother--but you are so hard that I cannot call you by such a name--why do you keep away from my father in this way?
No other woman could bear to keep away from her husband when he had come back to her after twenty years of absence, and after having gone through so much.
I shall ask you, sir, to kindly forget this visit and to keep away from here for the present.
I offered him three parts of my poor weekly earnings, to be paid to him regularly at the landlord's office, if he would only keep away from me, and from the house.
While we keep away from such places, we should get the enemy to approach them; while we face them, we should let the enemy have them on his rear.
He used to go to the Lilas all the same, he couldn't keep away from that, but he used to drink hot milk, avec de la fleur d'oranger, and he was damned dull.
We'll keep away from you and let on we don't know you, but any time we can be any help, you just let us know.
She visited Polyclinic hospital clandestinely to keep away from the eyes of media on Wednesday for her complete medical check-up .
Requesting the media platforms to leave his sister and him out of the "current situation", he said that he "would like to keep away from the mess.
I couldn't keep away from it and when Taylor (Hampshire) was struggling at Buxton, for example, I was on the phone to his dad during the meeting and advising a couple of set-up changes and he went out and got a huge paid win in his last ride
I'll tell the players to keep away from the TV and from going online.