keep away from

References in classic literature ?
While we keep away from such places, we should get the enemy to approach them; while we face them, we should let the enemy have them on his rear.
Mother--but you are so hard that I cannot call you by such a name--why do you keep away from my father in this way?
Aunt Jessie had raptures over the home-made carpets, quilts and quaint furniture; Rose could not keep away from the windows, for each framed a lovely picture; and the little folks made friends at once with the other children, who filled their arms with chickens and kittens, and did the honours handsomely.
I offered him three parts of my poor weekly earnings, to be paid to him regularly at the landlord's office, if he would only keep away from me, and from the house.
As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor.
The great thing was for her to keep away from the children--they might any minute push against her.
I shall ask you, sir, to kindly forget this visit and to keep away from here for the present.
Maggie, Maggie," continued the mother, in a tone of half-coaxing fretfulness, as this small mistake of nature entered the room, "where's the use o' my telling you to keep away from the water?
If you see any sign of the wire, keep away from it, for God's sake.
You keep away from me, or I'll lay you out," Wilton Davis responded desperately, brandishing a short iron bar in his right hand.
He was careful to keep away from the stockyards--he was a single man now, he told himself, and he meant to stay one, to have his wages for his own when he got a job.
But the Scarecrow did not mind how long it took him to fill the basket, for it enabled him to keep away from the fire, as he feared a spark might get into his straw and burn him up.