keep back

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The appeal has been welcomed by the NFU in the region, although many farmers already do keep back grain to feed the birds during winter and are doing much more to encourage the return of wildlife.
I fought to keep back the sobs; they made my hand unsteady, "Will you write to Mam because.
By inviting the nation to leave behind their lazy lifestyles and engage in outdoor activities, the BCA said toys that kept parents and grandparents amused can improve posture and strength and keep back pain at bay.
It also helps to keep back lanes free of rubbish and prevent behaviour such as graffiti and youth annoyance.
You want to keep back boats and jet skies, anything that could stress the whale further.
When you drain the pasta, keep back a few tbsp of the water, then return the pasta, asparagus and water to the saucepan.
No matches have been officially sold out because the International Rugby Board (IRB) keep back a certain number until closer to the tournament, but record attendances are expected for the event.
SAFETY FIRST Police keep back as bomb team goes to work yesterday in Lurgan, Co Armagh