keep back

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I fought to keep back the sobs; they made my hand unsteady, "Will you write to Mam because.
You want to keep back boats and jet skies, anything that could stress the whale further.
Obviously, we need to keep back some of the money just to pay for the fuel.
She said: 'I have always enjoyed keeping active and am aware that it's a great way to keep back pain at bay.
With the cereal harvest getting underway across the region, the RSPB has issued an appeal to local farmers to keep back just half a tonne of grain from the crop to help feed birds over the winter.
Keep back straight, outstretch arms towards floor then pull arms wide and back, squeezing the shoulder blades together, release and start again.
Palestinian police yesterday fired in the air to keep back hundreds of Palestinians, including a few dozen masked gunmen, who were marching toward southern Gaza's Gush Katif settlements in celebration of the impending withdrawal