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According to state contracts, the Kingman and Red Rock prisons, operated by private prison companies, have to keep beds at 97 percent capacity.
The new state law is intended to reduce waiting lists and allow the center to keep beds reserved for patients who may need to temporarily return to the hospital for treatment, Ryan said.
Both companies have cited the need to keep beds occupied and maintain government contracts as integral to their growth plans.
A recent audit found the county was using levy funds appropriately, allocating them to hire staff to keep beds open at the jail and youth detention center.
With temperatures into the 80s, contractor J&R 1" in Asphalt used tarps for inbound dump trucks to minimize moisture loss; to keep beds cool, it instructed drivers to unroll tarps for the eight-mile return to the plant.
com)-- Long before quilting became an expression of art, quilts were made by English and Dutch settlers and used out of sheer necessity to keep beds warm when homes were not insulated well enough to keep out the cold.
KEEP BEDS SMALL Plant only as many crops as you'll eat.