keep clear of

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You will be the worse for it, Fagin, if I do; and so I tell you in good time to keep clear of me.
Commander Farragut thought, and with reason, that it was better to remain in deep water, and keep clear of continents or islands, which the beast itself seemed to shun
Nay, nay, Sancho friend, keep clear, oh, keep clear of these stumbling-blocks; for he who falls into the way of being a chatterbox and droll, drops into a wretched buffoon the first time he trips; bridle thy tongue, consider and weigh thy words before they escape thy mouth, and bear in mind we are now in quarters whence, by God's help, and the strength of my arm, we shall come forth mightily advanced in fame and fortune.
cries the carter, in so sharp a note that his very horse started; and then, "Well, mannie," he added, "it's nane of my affairs; but ye seem a decent-spoken lad; and if ye'll take a word from me, ye'll keep clear of the Shaws.
The contract includes the execution of each type of work required to keep clear of snow and ice and frost the major roads within the specifications given in the list of performance.
As a former member of both the WJEC and Clwyd Education Authority and as an ex teacher at secondary level I can honestly say the current set up is not working, with well-reported poor outcomes by some LEAs Leighton is heading in the right direction on this one and so long as we keep clear of the centralisation agenda of some - though not all of his Assembly group - let's put the education of young people first rather than the little education empires of the current 22 councils.
The embassy urged all nationals to be cautious while working and keep clear of dubious objects.
Great North Run day is one of a small number that we make sure we keep clear of engineering work, despite the pressure to deliver the pounds 385m Metro: all change modernisation programme across the system.
keep a distance of 30m and please be quiet" and "Baboons are dangerous - please keep clear of them and do not feed them.
He added; "At this stage Bulgaria has managed to keep clear of GM crops and has created conditions for the development of organic farming.
In only their second home game this term, Cullercoats Custom Planet picked up three useful points to keep clear of the basement.
However, a boat racing is not an obstruction to other boats unless they are required to keep clear of her, give her room or mark-room or, if rule 22 applies, avoid her.