keep company with

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Old Uncle Venner was just coming out of his door, with a wood-horse and saw on his shoulder; and, trudging along the street, he scrupled not to keep company with Phoebe, so far as their paths lay together; nor, in spite of his patched coat and rusty beaver, and the curious fashion of his tow-cloth trousers, could she find it in her heart to outwalk him.
The occasion of this interruption we can only explain by resuming the adventures of another set of our characters; for, like old Ariosto, we do not pique ourselves upon continuing uniformly to keep company with any one personage of our drama.
I know full well that another king would not conduct himself as I do, and would allow himself to be dominated by you, at the risk of sending you some day to keep company with M.
Eric Rowan once said of his work: "Grainger creates a world of the imagination; a world in which ivory towers mingle with hot dogs; where the ideas of Breughel and Schongauer keep company with the tracks of snails and slugs; and in which medieval machines are contrasted with letters to a friend.
SVEN Goran Eriksson, we are told, has ditched his flamboyant mistress, Nancy of the red catsuit, foil dresses and wayward hair, to keep company with both an old flame and a woman reputedly younger than his daughter.
Catherine McAuley, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Kateri Tekakwitha, Frances Cabrini, and Katharine Drexel keep company with Josephine Bakhita, Thea Bowman, Dorothy Day, and Mother Teresa.