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Harris carried the little watch-like machine called a "pedometer," whose office is to keep count of a man's steps and tell how far he has walked.
I tried to keep count of the number of times she interspersed her narrative with 'like' but, by the time we reached Sheffield, I had lost track even though, I gathered, we had only reached 12 weeks of her gestation period.
At least they were able to keep count of Newcastle's goals on the fingers of one hand.
Keep count of your Checks throughout the day in your Daily Checker.
Toys have been coming in to the league's base in Cowgate in Newcastle and there's no sign of them stopping soon, with Keith saying he "couldn't keep count of the bundles of toys coming in constantly.
Now every community must get serious about drug education -- or keep count of the mounting losses.
With shock resistant water resistant and dust proof casing, the Galaxy S 5 Active features a convenience key on the side to launch all apps related to outdoor activity, in one place for easy access; a heartbeat tracker with the built-in heart rate monitor and S-Health, which enables the user to keep count of steps throughout the day, earn medals and request on-demand nutrition tips.
It's almost impossible to keep count of all the positives there are at the Giants right now," said Ferres.
I don't keep count of these things, but I've had one or two do it," said the Mansfield-based trainer, whose West End Lad is still going strong after 105 races and whose best horse, First Maite, made 185 starts before retiring in 2005.
The app is also designed to keep count of the average amount of diapers the baby uses.
With the single now gold and on the way to being platinum, "Cashin' Out" has received more accolades than you can keep count of.
A Keep count of your tokens and we'll print regular updates in the paper showing how you're doing.