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For security reasons, a forest guard accompanied him, but he used to keep distance from the television host in the jungle.
Some of them are: keep distance - hold the cell phone away from body to the extent possible, use a headset (wired or Bluetooth) to keep the handset away from your head, do not press the phone handset against your head.
He also directed Police officers to be coordinated with general public and practice of any sort of mal behavior and policy of keep distance from masses would also be given up.
Such a move would keep distance between himself and Price until a European or world title is on the line when their rivalry has intensified and the clamour for the fight has increased.
As a matter of fact, each colour has its own beauty and impact on the artwork, but for me, I like to keep distance with this colour, maybe because my artwork shows a sense of gladness and mirrors the meaning of spontaneous good spirits.
He advised people to keep personal hygiene, avoid crowding, wash hands often with soap and water, keep distance from the sick and avoid dealing directly with them as preventive C measures Aa against Aa the new Aa virus.
PORTLAND, Maine -- Maine's Catholic bishop is using civil and church law to keep distance between himself and Paul Kendrick.
The Blues need to keep distance between themselves and second bottom Queen of the South to avoid a relegation play-off.