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For another, China had been implementing a low-profile foreign policy for more than 30 years, so it tended to keep distance from other countries' domestic policies and issues," Wang told Daily News Egypt.
Keeping the party image as first priority, one of the female PTI leader constantly advised Imran Khan to not to give free hand to Rehamand previously she advised IK to keep distance from people like Dr.
The old fisherman immediately radios the coast guard and receives orders to keep distance, but some of the refugees had already jumped into the water in a desperate dash for the fishing boat.
Also, he has made it clear he will keep distance from aACAytainted' persons and will not like to share dais with them.
CANCER June 22- July 22 Keep distance from a senior who is not in a good mood today.
Basic messages of the activity was to encourage drivers to give way to others, smile to them, abide by traffic and safety rules, keep distance from the front car, for sake of "avoiding anger, accidents, seeking cooperation, gentleness and tolerance.
Also called guard vessels, their major task is to ensure that other shipping, mainly fishing ships, will keep distance from seismic survey vessels engaged in offshore exploration.
Generally, the pilgrims who walk keep distance so that their feet don't touch those who prostrate.
He won - and then scored - the penalty in stoppage time at home to Spurs in January to keep distance from Manchester United.
A study by researchers at Clemson and Lander universities in South Carolina on strategies to engage online learners argued that ready access to support services will help keep distance learners on track.
Cutely, Menzel took her younger sister, a second-grade teacher, to the Oscars as her date ("Frozen'' is about two sisters who are best friends, but have to keep distance because of Elsa's uncontrollable powers).