keep down

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Visitors to Hadrian's Wall should be charged to keep down the cost of getting Northumberland children to school, local MP Peter Atkinson has suggested.
To keep down manufacturing costs, they used a simple, unpatented milling apparatus.
The TUC said employers were wrong to keep down pay, increase hours and block improvements to workers' rights.
In acquiring business, it's important to keep down the amount of required information--but not at the expense of providing an accurate and complete picture of the insured.
Ultimately, it will also help keep down rising clinical trial costs.
Paul McCartney's spokesperson, on the request to keep down the volume during his Rome concert so as not to disturb the pope (Reuters, March 31, 2003)
Niinisto, who will be stepping down at the end of the current term, told the Finnish newspapers Aamulehti and Turun Sanomat that the government tries to keep down spending, while the parliament does not appear to take the same view.
This work is done in "clean rooms" where ventilation is highly controlled to keep down dust and remove anything that might contaminate the sensitive chips.
Finally, he explains how the industry lobbies to keep down the minimum wage.
Expenses, expenses, that's what we have to keep down.
So, the new law included punitive family-values provisions: the child exclusion (or "family cap"), which denies aid to children born to women on welfare; the "illegitimacy" bonus for states that keep down non-marital births without increasing abortions; the funds for sexual-abstinence but not sex-education programs; and stiff paternity and child-support rules.
At a time when no one is immune to the plague of low-wage labor, it's important that artists, educators, writers, and designers see this informal arrangement for what it is - and speak out against the exploitation of the prestige of cultural work to keep down wages in a market where labor supply will always outstrip demand.