keep down

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The health care industry is full of articles, presentations and research papers about how useful this information will be, how it will streamline distribution, lower costs, and keep down tampering, diversion and counterfeiting.
College farm manager John Owen said the college is taking a party of 40 agricultural students to tour farms in New Zealand this summer and has begun fundraising to keep down the cost to individuals.
Hindering progress: the lack of a resolution to the conflict in Iraq, the lack of more stringent cost controls for workers' compensation insurance and the inability to keep down college tuition.
TRIA was implemented three years ago to act as a federal reinsurance backstop to keep down insurers' financial losses in the event of a terrorist attack.
When he couldn't even keep down his Thanks-giving dinner, DeWitte urged him to seek medical help.
Hatch is also concerned that the "cops on the dots" policing will not keep down the homicide rate in the long run.
Visitors to Hadrian's Wall should be charged to keep down the cost of getting Northumberland children to school, local MP Peter Atkinson has suggested.
To keep down manufacturing costs, they used a simple, unpatented milling apparatus.
The TUC said employers were wrong to keep down pay, increase hours and block improvements to workers' rights.
Ultimately, it will also help keep down rising clinical trial costs.
In acquiring business, it's important to keep down the amount of required information--but not at the expense of providing an accurate and complete picture of the insured.
Paul McCartney's spokesperson, on the request to keep down the volume during his Rome concert so as not to disturb the pope (Reuters, March 31, 2003)