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Some 4,000 policemen are to be deployed to keep guard, while fighter jets will patrol overhead to enforce the no fly zone around the Statue of Liberty.
Thumb injury could keep guard out for several weeks
Soldiers will keep guard in uniforms same with the ones in Ecanakkale Battle.
WHETHER cats are bothering your fish or damaging your flowerbeds or vegetable patches, these weatherproof Cat Scarers will keep guard and scare them away
The tribunal was told that Mr Faiz decided to sleep in the shop to keep guard following the burglary while Mr Namaisivagam and his wife were on holiday.
I used to always keep guard behind the home goal and I never understood why the fans were giving me dog's abuse until I looked down and noticed I was still wearing the tangerine socks
Mr Matthews said, 'One stood outside to keep guard, and another was waving the machete around.
EMERGENCY ALERT Armed police officers keep guard at Serbian government buildings after Prime Minister Zoran Djindic, top right, was assassinated.
She said police had been called to keep guard at the temple throughout the days leading up to the incident.