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Keep head up, back straight, feet close together and step forward as far as possible, being careful not to step on anyone else's toes or ego.
TRICEPS With feet shoulder-width apart, keep head on arm and gently push down the elbow.
Firstline's expanded Dri Sweat[R] line for women includes the following items: Dri Sweat[R] Active Wear Mesh Cap (a bandana that includes a headband to absorb perspiration and mesh material to keep the head cool during light and intense exercise); Dri Sweat[R] Edge[TM] (a protector headband that keeps edges in tact by absorbing sweat during physical activity); and Dri Sweat[R] Fit[TM] (a style protector cap with a headband feature to absorb sweat, mesh material to keep head cool, and a ponytail outlet).
Must b v gentle with self an keep head down for month or so.
Make sure you keep head straight, spine neutral and look ahead.
Rules will also be relaxed so that governors can offer individual salary packages to keep head teachers.
To keep head down, prop up glass when seedlings first appear.