keep hidden

References in classic literature ?
He felt that there must be a reason for their strange activity and their inclination to keep hidden away and only a growing respect for Wing Biddlebaum kept him from blurting out the questions that were often in his mind.
Flushing had also the instinct which leads a child to suspect what its elders wish to keep hidden.
42-53) For the gods keep hidden from men the means of life.
Sit your wife down to calmly talk through why she is spending so much on stuff she has to keep hidden - and get her counselling.
During a deadly confrontation, she discovers a dark and terrifying ability, one she must keep hidden from her father lest he use it for warmongering, never letting her go free.
Remove any spare keys you keep hidden for emergencies.
She needs to be careful, though, as that's not the only secret she's struggling to keep hidden.
It doesn't help that her client is reluctant to cooperate and help his defence, so she must get him on side to discover a secret he's determined to keep hidden from the football world.
Collaboration can keep hidden costs from sinking financial planning and analysis ideas.
Couples with joint finances have a bank account they keep hidden from their partner, purchase things which they keep secret, or mislead them about the cost.
The adjustment is difficult, but at least her family is intact again and there are no more secrets to keep hidden .
According to artist, Black is not only a colour bit is an area where one puts those part and valuables of life that they keep hidden and buried from the eyes of people around us.