keep hidden

References in classic literature ?
He felt that there must be a reason for their strange activity and their inclination to keep hidden away and only a growing respect for Wing Biddlebaum kept him from blurting out the questions that were often in his mind.
Flushing had also the instinct which leads a child to suspect what its elders wish to keep hidden. She fixed Terence with her vivid blue eyes and addressed herself to him in particular.
42-53) For the gods keep hidden from men the means of life.
The world over, authoritarian regimes attack the freedom of the press and threaten journalists who seek to shine a light on corruption and other issues that those in power hope to keep hidden. It is therefore all the more important that the United States stand firmly for the right to freedom of expression, in the case of Saudi Arabia and around the world.
Dr Mahathir said the partnership of the two political parties has become a 'reality', describing it as something which they had previously try to keep hidden.
Writing about the decision to publish pages that Anne clearly wanted to keep hidden, the museum said that her diary - a Unesco-registered world heritage document - held significant academic interest.
Both the substance of the proposed value-destroying transaction and the conflict-tainted process by which it was hatched are an insult to long-suffering Xerox shareholders and make a mockery of well-established corporate governance norms...We fully expect that Xerox will not prevail in its shameful attempt to keep hidden from shareholders the many other sordid facts surrounding this unfortunate transaction that are still being concealed due to the machinations of Xerox's lawyers.
Sit your wife down to calmly talk through why she is spending so much on stuff she has to keep hidden - and get her counselling.
During a deadly confrontation, she discovers a dark and terrifying ability, one she must keep hidden from her father lest he use it for warmongering, never letting her go free.
She needs to be careful, though, as that's not the only secret she's struggling to keep hidden...
It doesn't help that her client is reluctant to cooperate and help his defence, so she must get him on side to discover a secret he's determined to keep hidden from the football world.
Collaboration can keep hidden costs from sinking financial planning and analysis ideas.