keep house

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Brian Murphy, head of lending at the Mortgage Advice Bureau, said: "Wider availability of credit is a welcome sign that the mortgage market is returning to normal and it would be a travesty if this overdue pick-up after years of stagnation is quashed by over-eager efforts to keep house prices in check.
MERSEYSIDE councils will receive nearly PS15m from the Government next year to encourage them to keep house building on the rise.
Although the smoke is much reduced, our on-going precautionary advice to residents in locations affected by smoke is to avoid outside areas affected by smoke, or limit the time spent outside and keep house windows and doors closed.
The centre is an example of how healthy competition in the building sector can keep house prices in check, deliver diversity of housing choice and housing affordability to the benefit of all Victorians, Mr Guy said.
The drama, Poetry, tells the story of Yang Mija - a charming and well-preserved woman in her mid-60s - who stays busy looking after her teenage grandson and helping keep house for an older gentleman friend.
Halifax said low interest rates have been a "key factor" to supporting the housing market and the prospect of them continuing will help to keep house prices steady for the rest of the year.
WHEN inviting a stranger into your home to see an item, ensure there is someone else with you and keep house and car keys and other valuables out of sight.
Julie aims to study the rare, red-capped mangabey monkeys, while Guy's task is to keep house, utilising all of his survival experience.
Mothers Never Really Die - They Just Keep House Up In The Sky
Along with the right to harvest clams owner can harvest stone crabs for personal use and keep house boat moored on site.
However, there is mounting criticism that house-builders are purposefully controlling supply to keep house prices inflated.
At a time when most girls aspired only to marry and keep house, Julia Morgan dreamed of building a house--but in the late 19th century women just didn't become architects.