keep intact

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For the purpose, he added, a massive plantation would be undertaken to keep intact whatever underground water resources are available in the area.
The DCO said that sanctity of Ramzan would be keep intact and no one would be allowed to eat and smoke in public.
The bill will keep intact Obama's executive action on immigration that was strongly criticized by his conservative opponents.
Girmai Gebru, head of the branch office, pointed out that stepped-up efforts are being made towards nurturing aware and committed youths who keep intact national as well as cultural values.
The nine-member Policy Board decided unanimously to keep intact the central bank's large-scale monetary easing policy introduced in April, centering on doubling the monetary base and boosting purchases of government bonds to achieve a 2 percent inflation target in around April 2015.
1, 2002, has revealed that her marriage takes work to keep intact.
And this survey is proof we can weather any storm and keep intact what makes us unique.
20) bids to make it four 100% Rhys Flint will be bidding to keep intact his 100 per cent strike-rate when riding for Philip Hobbs at Taunton on Spanish Conquest at 3.
Gordon Brown and his servile cabinet will only do what is decided in Washington to keep intact the special relationship which came into effect after the fiasco of the attack on Egypt in 1956, when, indeed, I wrote a protest letter to the local Press in November of that year.
West says he'll favor oak, spare any tree over 12 inches, leave groupings of trees, and keep intact trees along the drainages where wildlife travel.
But we're still running in the black, and unlike the big boys we've managed to keep intact our record for never having had a layoff.
This will remain mere rhetoric to keep intact the prime minister's image," Ipe Joseph, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), said.