keep moving

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The heart of Melbourne will keep moving while the heart of our transport system is transformed below it.
Like Keep Moving, it's a record that belongs in the golden days of the early 1970s.
Retailers may order KEEP MOVING FORWARD through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.
Keep moving forward as we continue to build better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families.
Red Dragons boss Carey said: "It's certainly a positive that we have moved out of the bottom two but we have got to keep moving in the right direction.
It will be big shoes to fill if (his departure) happens, but with the seeds he's planted for the growth of our pitchers on the player-development side, we will keep moving forward.
As the coated bacteria pass the tabs supporting the rotor, they brush against them but keep moving.
The difficult journey to love and acceptance is traced in chapters that reveal ultimate truth and ultimate lies, the confusions of perception that distract from the power of love and forgiveness, and how to keep moving forward toward wholeness in a world filled with conflict.
A The trick with sash windows is to keep moving them as you paint them, so the paint can't form a seal that sticks the windows shut.
There's not much I could possibly do about that," while Octavia unapologetically pronounces, "lf you don't like the lifestyle I'm living, then kiss my ass and keep moving.