keep off

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Warning notices were put up advising people to keep off the south beach.
I refer to that eyesore at the north end of the landing stage, labelled 'Dangerous structure - Keep off '.
And in every park, KEEP OFF THE GRASS By Order yes, him again.
You should also keep off the cigarettes as the toxins can lead to problems
LAST week, Jane Wyatt asked if companion planting really worked to keep off pests.
WORKING the airwaves have helped Ronnie Wood keep off the booze.
CAIRO: Bahraini citizens and students in Egypt were urged yesterday to keep off protest zones for their safety.
Keep off the grass when it's frosty WINTER VEG: You can still harvest Brussels sprouts
Cover areas still to be dug with a sheet of polythene to keep off driving rain, ensuring it remains dry enough for digging ?
After countless press events, receptions, welcome ceremonies and galas attended across Canada and California, Prince William and Kate Middleton wish to keep off the press for a little while.
Keep off the fats like chocolate and cream, And calorie laden tarts, All nice and tasty, But bad for our hearts.
But theres less evidence on which approach might be better for helping people to keep off weight theyve lost, and whether the two diets have different effects on heart health.