keep one guessing

See: obfuscate
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Sexy, smart and full of twists and turns that keep one guessing, "Red Sparrow" is thrilling spy film, and a welcome change from the usual blockbuster fare.
Pulley's capacity for making antagonists out of fully realized and sympathetic characters is impressive, as is her ability to keep one guessing as the plot ticks along." AMAL EL-MOHTAR
Her character and that of Butler's have so much chemistry they make the film pleasant to watch and keep one guessing what next, will they kiss?, will they get back together?
The mismatched flavor/color combinations keep one guessing until the product is tasted.
Glynn's British accent is perfect for this creepy thriller with enough bad guys to keep one guessing who the murderer might be and some very likable characters who don't deserve such a gruesome death.