keep prisoner

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You can't keep prisoners in English country houses, nowadays.
We pay enough to keep prisoners well fed and to other countries.
They said that the exemptions could keep prisoners and workers safer and make contractors more competitive.
We're working with G4S to keep weapons out of prison and keep prisoners and staff safe.
The point is to keep prisoners free while placing them under electronic surveillance," he added.
Like many other jails across England and Wales, Leeds is overcrowded, underresourced, and failing to keep prisoners, staff and the public safe.
Mohammed al-Qeq, 33, began his strike on November 25 to win release from administrative detention, a practice that can keep prisoners in custody without charges indefinitely.
A Government spokesman said: "Mental health in custody is taken extremely seriously and the prison service and NHS work very closely to keep prisoners safe.
In fact, the "experiment" begun back in 1983 in a Marion, Illinois, federal prison that subjected prisoners to permanent solitary confinement is such a horrible failure that not only does it amount to torture, it fails to keep prisoners and society safe.
Guards must always keep prisoners within sight or sound.
but this grim apparatus in America's Guantanamo jail is designed to keep prisoners alive.
The US Navy recently sent an additional 40 medical personnel to keep prisoners alive, according to media reports.