keep quiet

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Teachers say he is stubborn and doesn't keep quiet in class, which is not true.
Congress is not going to keep quiet on this issue ; BJP only promised good days but not good nights," he said.
And with such reasons, we keep quiet while unwanted and undesirable events take place around us, at work, in our family and in the place we live.
CAMILLE Holley should keep quiet or man up and take some responsibility for Ryan's predicament.
And 56 per cent of Brummies questioned said they would keep quiet rather than give back extra change they may have been given by mistake in a shop.
I Promise to Keep Quiet (After I'm Dead)" are the rants and raves of Lea Hope Becker, a woman of many careers who hopes to inspire other women to search tirelessly for a profession they will be happy with.
A similar proportion conceal parking problems and keep quiet about nightmare neighbours.
It must be difficult to keep up with Ms Mountford's contradictory and frequently baffling statements, but Mr Leedham should learn the lesson that so many husbands have had to master: remember what your wife has said; if you can't remember, then keep quiet.
Pupils can get people to sponsor them for every minute they keep quiet, or they can simply pay a small amount to take part in the event.
We agreed to keep quiet and forget it ever happened.
I'd keep quiet, keep getting to know her - and you may get your hands on more than just her bra.