keep safe

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Judith Major, manager of the South Wales Police public services centre, was instrumental in setting up Keep Safe Cymru - a scheme to help police support people with learning disabilities, mental health or communication needs.
BAJAUR AGENCY -- Additional political agent Bajaur Agency, Muhammad Ali Khan has said the federal government is taking all out efforts to keep safe the tribal areas of dengue and others lethal diseases.
It is very important to keep safe distance between vehicles on the roads.
PC Davey Moffatt, of Fife Division's Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit, said: "We hope people will keep safe.
We all have a role to play in society to report anything suspicious in our communities and to support the agencies in helping us keep safe.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to provide considerable security to homes and businesses, the Keep Safe, has been developed by Gary Brown of Miami, Florida.
Recent events have shown sharply the need to protect and keep safe the children and young people in residential care and these standards balance the importance of giving these young people a life that compares with their peers with their absolute right to be kept safe whilst under our care.
The ban was imposed as part of the ministry's strategic objectives to keep safe man and animal health in the country from epidemic diseases.
SCHOOLCHILDREN from across Birmingham have joined the emergency services to learn how to keep safe when out and about.
VOLUNTARY STRIKE OFF NOTICE FOR KEEP SAFE ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS LTD Notice is hereby given that Keep Safe Electrical Solutions Ltd having its registered office and principal place of business at 7 Cluain Arra, Newcastle West Co.
The Connecticut bill is similar to laws in New York and New Jersey that require Internet dating sites to give advice during registration on how to keep safe, such as not listing your last name, e-mail address, work place, phone number, etc.
Security personnel only keep safe their own checkpoints, said Wali Muhammad, who recently fled his home in Marja for the provincial capital, Lashkargah.