keep score

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Keep score. In order to stay on track toward achieving goals, it's important to keep score.
Keep score point-by-point, view current set score, post-match score summary by set, serve indicator, tie-break scoring option, and elapsed time (with pause function).
Take the umpire on Centre Court - then, he used a pen and paper to keep score, with none of the courtside technology in evidence today.
Similarly, many other players from all levels of play contributed to helping keep score and were instrumental in keeping the tournament running smoothly.
Lebowitz said "old school people" who are involved in sports want to keep score because they think that if it isn't maintained, kids don't understand how to be competitive.
The Shoot-N-C Crow target features a 3-inch bullseye centered on the target for people who want to keep score.
where you can "keep score" of the winners and join in applauding their achievements.
Maggie is fascinated by the graphic representation of the game and soon learns how to keep score herself.
Effective senior teams, like their sports counterparts, keep score. They know that measuring progress is essential to their success for a number of reasons.
No better book has been published for non-accountants than Robert Follett's older How To Keep Score In Business: Accounting And Financial Analysis For The Non-Accountant: here's a simple guide which tells all the basics: how to understand a balance sheet, how to understand an income statement, how to decipher the 'return on investment' figures.
He wants the birds to have electronic sensors in their vests to record hits and help keep score since they will no longer be slashing and pecking each other to death.
Here is a brief guide to some risk measures (and their acronyms) that we could use to keep score: