keep secret

References in classic literature ?
Promise you will keep secret what I am going to say to you--and listen, pray listen patiently, till I have done.
Couples with joint finances have a bank account they keep hidden from their partner, purchase things which they keep secret, or mislead them about the cost.
The crash was due to engine failures in a craft that had a miserable safety and maintenance record, according to an Air Force investigation that the government fought to keep secret.
Dave and the girl develop a relationship they keep secret from her mother and his wife.
According to conservative British commentator John Laughland, Blair declined to prosecute Katherine Gun because he "will do anything to keep secret the advice submitted .
has gone to court to try to keep secret the details of an employee's lawsuit, which alleges that he was fired so he would have no further access to research data indicating that the company's products may cause tires and air bag covers to crack.
Just last week, a suspected batterer's relative showed up at the gate to the Lancaster shelter - whose location operators try to keep secret - looking for the woman.
The FBI and CIA still spy and keep secret files on U.
Is it wrong for the president to keep secret the fact that he's got a life-threatening disease, in this case multiple sclerosis?
The state Supreme Court's decision overturned two lower court rulings that had allowed prosecutors to keep secret the names of three witnesses to a 1993 jail house murder of Jose Uribe, who was fatally stabbed in his cell.
In a clear reference to Clinton's attempts to shield his aides from testimony and the Justice Department's fight to keep Secret Service agents out of the grand jury room, Starr said: ``Litigants often try to concoct new privileges by contending that their relationship is just as important as the attorney-client relationship or the spousal relationship.
But in court papers, Disney argued that Jahn agreed to give up the benefits in return for retaining his medical benefits and Disney's promise to keep secret his admission that he took hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks from vendors seeking contracts.