keep secret

References in classic literature ?
However, she took a resolution to see Mr Blifil, and to behave to him as civilly as she could, for on that condition only she obtained a promise from her aunt to keep secret the liking which her ill fortune, rather than any scheme of Mrs Western, had unhappily drawn from her.
It was thought best to keep secret the fact that they were going to search for a wonderful idol of gold.
It has been a great distress to me to think how irreconcilable the company would consider it with my father's wealth, and how I should displease and disgrace him and Fanny and Edward by so plainly disclosing what they wished to keep secret.
Again, an official inquiry could not be made without bringing out some facts about the treasure, which I was particularly anxious to keep secret.
If I do not understand - and I do not, sir' - said Sissy, 'what your honour as a gentleman binds you to, in other matters:' the blood really rose in his face as she began in these words: 'I am sure I may rely upon it to keep my visit secret, and to keep secret what I am going to say.
Thou mayest well believe that," answered Don Quixote, "because, either I know little, or this castle is enchanted, for thou must know- but this that I am now about to tell thee thou must swear to keep secret until after my death.
If I couldn't keep secrets from th' other lads, secrets about foxes' cubs, an' birds' nests, an' wild things' holes, there'd be naught safe on th' moor.
Couples with joint finances have a bank account they keep hidden from their partner, purchase things which they keep secret, or mislead them about the cost.
The crash was due to engine failures in a craft that had a miserable safety and maintenance record, according to an Air Force investigation that the government fought to keep secret.
Dave and the girl develop a relationship they keep secret from her mother and his wife.
According to conservative British commentator John Laughland, Blair declined to prosecute Katherine Gun because he "will do anything to keep secret the advice submitted .