keep sound

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Each of these packages contains from ninety to a hundred pounds of dried fish, which in this state will keep sound for several years.** (Lewis and Clarke, vol.
The nine-year-old hasn't been easy to keep sound, as evidenced by just nine visits to the racecourse.
'So it's very important to keep sound at a low level.'
VVTHEY are far harder to keep sound. vvThere is absolutely no way horses can stand the roadwork they used to do in winter and the distances they worked in summer during the time when my father was training.
For most FMs, controlling acoustics requires working with what you are given with the building you manage, but with the right knowledge, there are solutions (both large and small) that will keep sound at a level most appropriate for your environment.
announces the introduction of AirHush[R], a portable sound-blocking panel system engineered to keep sound from traveling into adjacent spaces.
She added that the leadership in the two countries has the political will to go further in order to keep sound cooperation bonds realize benefits for the two peoples.
These landlords who are looking for a greener option to keep sound in check should consider tiles made from recycled or recyclable materials.
Trying to keep sound down, so they can understand my secretary, helps a lot.
It must contain sound and project it, with walls of a certain thickness to keep sound in, and concert spaces of a certain height to let sound bloom.
"It isn't Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi who are asking us to keep sound public accounts," he continued, mentioning the peninsula's gigantic public debt, more than 130% of GDP.
Padded, circumaural, closed-back design to keep sound in and background noise out