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* MAKE a good first impression with this dark blue coir Home Sweet Home doormat, pounds 16.95 from www.dotcomgiftshop.com * KEEP sweet treats in this James Tanner biscuit canister, pounds 12 from Matalan.
"But I am old enough and wise enough to know the manager's problems and the amount of players he has to keep sweet and happy.
This reluctance to co-operate with lawful authorities has been identified as a tacit policy known among the FLDS faithful as "keep sweet," meaning "keep quiet about the practices of the group and do not co-operate with the evil outside world." (For a detailed account of life within a polygamous family in Bountiful, read Keep Sweet: Children of Polygamy (Dave's Press:2004), which tells the story of Debbie Palmer, a former polygamous spouse who left Bountiful many years ago with a few of her children.
Days before his death, Mrs Sutton said her son told her "I know all about Daniel", adding Breaks would "keep sweet in case I tell on him".
* Such is the funding criteria under partnership-working that community groups have no other option but to keep sweet with the bigger players such as local authorities, police, and other agencies.