keep under surveillance

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For the intelligence services, this poses a dangerous new threat because it is so hard to keep under surveillance.
Although the current circumstances indicate that Rihanna won't testify against Brown, she has taken a court order of protection stating that Brown cannot "harass, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), follow, stalk, molest, destroy or damage personal or real property, disturb the peace, keep under surveillance, or block movements of (Rihanna).
However, the same Bush administration has argued in federal court that it can not only keep under surveillance, but also arrest and indefinitely detain as "enemy combatants," people who have any connection to terrorist suspects, even of a hypothetical variety.
In fact, the police reckon there are only 14 or 15 people that they need to keep under surveillance and they are not unduly worried''.
Meanwhile, Austria favours different wording for Article 40, allowing monitoring of "any other person whom it is necessary to keep under surveillance for the investigation of that criminal offence".