keep underground

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That would block contaminated water from escaping the facility's immediate surroundings, as well as keep underground water from entering the reactor and turbine buildings, where much of the radioactive water has collected.
The irony is that Yasuni also holds an estimated 846mn barrels or 20% of Ecuador's oil, which the country is proposing to keep underground indefinitely by mobilising a $3.
The Dubai Government has even extended a 150km pipe from Jebel Ali to Hatta to keep underground water reservoir, and supply enough water for agriculture.
To attempt to maintain control over Chinese Catholicism, government authorities have taken pains to keep underground Catholics in check.
The former public schoolboy, who made at least pounds 49,000 from 2009-2010, posted on the shutdown site: "I'm probably the most wanted cyber criminal right now so I gotta keep underground.
Maybe that's because "Her proximity to a cliff-edge of contempt made it hard to keep underground.