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He finds most companies and organizations have great difficulty keeping track of employee health and safety training records, which he calls a "critical loophole," should they be challenged in court.
Nine counselors reported keeping their records until the student leaves the school; 2 reported keeping their notes forever.
An often-overlooked alternative to keeping UI rates low is voluntary UI contributions.
"The greatest error people make with their homeowners insurance is not keeping it up to date," says Salvatore.
Kneel on all fours, keeping your head up and your back flat.
Keeping a personal journal is a very private experience.
To his credit, Smiley uses the heartfelt stories of ordinary people to make his point that keeping the faith is what has allowed African-Americans to overcome hardship and tragedy, hence the book's title.
Remove from the heat, strain through a fine mesh sieve, season, and set aside keeping warm.
Keeping the calender rolls turning during warm-up and cool-down also eliminates the possibility of warping the rolls.
But some members of the Fed still are overly focused on inflation and keeping a tight hand on money and credit.
You should use particular care to avoid straining the lower back or knees by keeping legs and pelvis strong in standing postures.
Recently, Oxfam, a respected charity, and the Nobel Prize-winning Doctors Without Borders accused the world's major pharmaceutical companies of "waging an undeclared drug war" against poor nations by keeping drug prices high and by using trade sanctions to protect treaties that give companies 20-year patent rights to their drugs.