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We found this Star Wars Storm Trooper and a mini R2-D2 keeping guard in one of the huge server rooms.
He dares the tigers to interrupt him, but he wouldn't be half so macho without that nearby tamer keeping guard in his impressive uniform.
KEEPING GUARD Police officers outside the flat, in Clare Road, Grangetown, where 26-year-old Benjamin Thomas was found dead.
For six months they fulfilled Britain's commitment to Nato by keeping guard 24/7, quelling riots, separating hardened enemies and seizing illegal weapons, trying to close the weeping wound of age-old conflict.
A majestic white ram stood keeping guard over the herd, and I did not hesitate to zero-in my 40-yard pin on his chest.
Proud dad Pablo has been keeping guard to ensure the baby is protected from other penguins before swapping and taking his turn to keep the chick warm.
KEEPING GUARD 3 Mother in nest WINGING 3 IT She leaves SWOOP 3 Buzzard goes in for the kill
Today a police van is keeping guard outside the ground floor flat in Hampden Street as shocked neighbours come to terms with what happened on the quiet back street.
Uniformed police officers were also keeping guard outside the house.
Back in the house the prison officers will be kept busy performing spot checks, keeping guard and taking the prisoners for exercise - in shackles - for an hour every day.