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Ta ra Ward @TaraWardBooks wrote on Twitter: "Dear Ken Dodd, I'll never forget taking my late husband Ray Lonnen [the actor who played the title character in the TV series Harry's Game] to see you live in Windsor for his b'day.
We talked generally for a while then I asked about his statement (several colleagues had called to remind me why I should not have defended Ken all those years because he was unreliable.
The smart side-part styles that defined decades of classic Ken have been joined by close-cropped hairdos: the shaggy-on-top/faded-on-the-sides styles, fashionable cornrows and the love-it-or-hate-it hipster hairstyle, the man bun, with a moulded button of hair at the back of Ken's crown.
For the next few weeks Ken made the same 60-mile journey on the Red and White Route One bus, which cost two shillings and sixpence.
And Ken would tell them that I was fine and I'd be there.
BAD NEWS Carla Connor tells Ken about his son's arrest
Laughing, Ken went on: "No, I didn't, I said 'May I have this dance please?
Ken Pope has been my 'go-to' man for everything horn.
A few years before he died, Ken had a very bad fall, breaking both legs.
Pat, who worked as a home help before retiring, said she was in the same school class as singer Tom Jones - but only ever had eyes for Ken.
Ken was the ultimate craftsman whose complex and compelling sculptural forms functioned as the perfect foil for the highkeyed vivid colours he applied to their surfaces with exquisite precision.