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The last time that Ken saw the group was on March 16, 1963, when he was phoned to be told the Beatles had run out of money and were due to appear in Sheffield the next night - could he lend them pounds 20?
Now terminally ill with cancer, Ken lost his appeal against Northumberland Care Trust for the drug in February, despite recommendations by his cancer specialist.
Ken still works as a plant manager for a company that manufactures oil filters and Brenda teaches an occasional yoga class and takes turns working the snack stand and organizing fund-raisers for Carlee's girls basketball team at Findlay High.
Council secretary-general Iqbal Sacranie said: 'We appeal to the group holding Ken Bigley to release him without delay and without harm.
The instructions continued, "We're at the bomb line, Ken.
Jim and Ken, it can be recorded, have been professional politicians for almost all of their working lives.
I am pleased to have worked side-by-side with Ken," Secretary Principi said "The standards he set for himself raised the bar for all of us who devote our careers to serving American veterans.
Ken acknowledged that minor frustrations easily "ticked him off.
His brother, Ken, 38, an electronics engineer, has worked at several leading computer companies, including Princeton Graphic Systems, Acer Peripherals and Multivideo Labs.
In this new BBC book (Ken Hom's first ever all-wok cookbook), Ken Hom has produced a feast of tasty and exciting dishes, combining ingredients from all corners of the world.