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keep up 1 : to continue without interruption <The rain kept up all night.
School counselors' notes are not part of the school record, but because a counselor may be called to testify in court regarding a student, the question arises of how long a school counselor's notes should be kept.
RHIWBINA Class 1 Best kept front garden (detached, semi, end) 1 Mr & Mrs Jones, Blaen-y-Coed, Rhiwbina; 2 Mr Nelz, Pen-y-Dre.
These patients were then kept between 32 [degrees] C and 34 [degrees] C for 12 hours.
1986) ("It is reasonable to assume that certain types of evidence would be kept at a defendant's residence and an affidavit need not contain personal observations that a defendant did keep such evidence at his residence.
For as Long as there has been photography, jails have kept ID photos of prisoners, but now, some prisons are also taking pictures of visitors.
Expenses of using a personal auto for business use are deductible, but only if good records documenting the date, the number of miles and business purpose for each business use of the car are kept.
The community has a legitimate interest in seeing to it that arms are not kept or borne negligently.
In what she now calls ``a moment of desperation,'' she arranged an $825,000 loan, lined up a new site to relocate the facilities and kept 48 people employed.
We kept this up for a few years, during which time we had a baby.
The free arm is kept long to help slow the rotation of the upper body.
Yet it is kept on artificial life support by its main bank, Sumitomo, which is lending it money to pay the interest.