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Indoor cyclamen are so popular at this time of the year and they are best watered from below, ie in a saucer, and kept cool.
Fuel inside one of the reactors at the crippled nuclear complex in Fukushima Prefecture, which was believed to have been kept cool at the bottom of the pressure vessel after its core suffered a meltdown, has possibly breached the vessel after melting again at the bottom of the vessel, an expert's study showed Monday.
Smaller animals, like hamsters, rats and gerbils, can be kept cool by opening windows and closing curtains, using a fan (but not pointing it directly at them), refreshing water and providing a frozen water bottle, wrapped in a towel.
While it is not known as well as it should be, spring flowering bulbs need to be kept cool.
The sexy star kept cool in the pool but was spotted doing a few sneaky exercises later in the day at the Miami Beach hotel.