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1 to 3 reactors' cores are assumed to have suffered meltdowns, although the melted fuel is believed to be kept cool and solidified at the bottom of each reactor pressure vessel after water was injected into the vessel as an emergency measure.
Smaller animals, like hamsters, rats and gerbils, can be kept cool by opening windows and closing curtains, using a fan (but not pointing it directly at them), refreshing water and providing a frozen water bottle, wrapped in a towel.
Box 2000, Virginia Beach, VA 23450 are kept cool until sent to you at the correct time for planting.
The sexy star kept cool in the pool but was spotted doing a few sneaky exercises later in the day at the Miami Beach hotel.
Another fact I have learned is that in very warm summer areas, like up here in Palmdale, bulbs must be kept cool in the summer or they will bake.
If milk is handled in a sanitary manner and kept cool (except for pasteurizing) all the way from the cow to your table, it may take a long time for bacteria to grow and make it sour.
And to make sure fridges are kept cool enough, Age Concern is offering free thermometers.