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In the Santa Clarita Valley, firefighters kept guard west of the Golden State Freeway, where charred woodlands mark the valley's western boundary.
Bandmate Simon kept guard as bodies could be seen moving around inside.
Officers were still at the house this afternoon looking for forensic clues as police kept guard outside.
The demonstrators from the Japanese civic organization Peace Boat were unable to hand the ticket, however, because police who kept guard in front of the house, belonging to Japanese writer Ayako Sono in Tokyo's Ota Ward, maintained that nobody was home.
His final humiliation came in the shape of two middle-aged shop assistants who marched him back to the bakery and kept guard until police arrived.
Firefighters were called to the scene and kept guard over the pipe for an hour until engineers arrived to cut off the supply.
More than 100 people watched as a specialist police team arrived at the Crabapple Close house, where uniformed officers kept guard and dogs trained to find human remains were deployed.
After a while the police tape was removed from around the back of the post office, but it was kept at Elis Fisher court where a policeman kept guard.
Two Army bomb disposal officers remained at the scene, while a uniformed police officer kept guard at the front door.