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If the finance ministers do succeed in reaching an agreement on Monday, it will provide immediate relief to Athens and financial markets, which have been kept guessing since the bailout package was announced last October.
The boss is open-mind about further additions to an 18-strong squad, particularly as he is being kept guessing about his intentions by goalkeeper Chris Maxwell.
did not define liberal, reformist, or Enlightened Catholicism, so we are kept guessing throughout the volume what he means by these concepts.
But it looks as if we're going to be kept guessing until the last minute.
Of course, there is a loose link and readers will be kept guessing.
We're kept guessing if Samir is double-crossing the Americans to avenge his Muslim father, killed in a car bomb, thanks to a fine performance by Cheadle.
As the story progresses, the reader is kept guessing right down to the final chapter.
Investors have been kept guessing by both groups, who have released little information on debt restructuring.
The reader will be kept guessing to the last chapter.
Maybe I'll play Carra and Sami in the middle and use Gerrard as a second striker," the manager joked, no doubt hoping the Pompey scouts are kept guessing.
Each of them--whether by noise, collage, detournement, chance, contagious rhythms, guitars or no guitars, abstracted song structures, or theatrics--added another facet to what might be called a downtown sound, which isn't really a sound so much as a collective commitment to keeping our music here but just out of reach, so we're kept guessing and wanting more.
The government has even kept guessing those municipalities which might newly host U.