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Our XtremeScale NICs with Onload kernel bypass software have a proven track record of accelerating Linux-based application performance by reducing kernel IO, said Ahmet Houssein, Vice President of Marketing at Solarflare.
The plant will cater to growing local demand for certified-sustainable crude palm kernel oil by specialty fats and oleochemicals manufacturers, whilst the palm kernel expeller by-product will serve as a quality feedstock for the local animal husbandry sector.
The kernel is basically responsible for things like how apps access the device's hardware and security protocols.
3 to contribute with their kernel dump files as these are needed in the making of untethered binary for the iPads.
Word-sequence kernel usually confronts with very high dimensional and sparse feature space which hinders the effective training of kernel machines.
3 is that Android features are again part the Linux kernel, after the two camps had a falling out a few years ago.
It is an industry-wide project with the idea of having a common base kernel for electronics that can be maintained individually to the benefit of all instead of privately within each company.
Aflatoxin levels of the kernel were determined using a method described by Pons [16].
Although Ukrros' operations are outside Kernel's oil processing business, Fitch considers it is complementary to its trading segment and the deal will make Kernel less dependent on export costs, as sugar is chiefly sold at home.
Studies on oat kernel size uniformity have established that the order of kernels in the hulled oat spikelet has a profound effect on the kernel size.