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If you give people cotinine and look for keto acid, you don't find it," says Murphy.
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of branched-chain keto acid hydrazone derivatives: optimization of techniques and application to branched-chain keto acid balance studies across the forearm.
lactate, urates, keto acids and others, enabling the preservation of complex and efficient cell functions related to acid-base balance (12-14,17).
Catabolism of these amino acids is initiated by transamination reaction with alpha-ketoglutarate to form glutamate and branched-chain keto acids (BCKAs).
The quantitation of a- keto acids by fluorescence HPLC has been reviewed [46].
Rexim's 17,000m2 Ham site mainly produces high quality pharmaceutical grades of amino acids, their salts and derivatives, as well as peptides and keto acids.
Accumulation of these 3 amino acids and their corresponding keto acids leads to encephalopathy and progressive neurodegeneration in untreated infants.