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A symmetric key block cipher algorithm, such as the Data Encryption Standard (DES) specified in Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 46-3 and the proposed Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), are implemented in various modes, depending on specific applications.
NEW YORK USA Network, suffering through diminished ratings for its key block of original hourlong primetime series on Sunday, has put forward a massive list of series projects covering drama, comedy and reality.
The highly configurable Swing Key block is a series of interconnected Swing cells in a robust mechanical enclosure that brings to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers for the first time an advanced battery solution that combines the safety and performance advantage of Boston-Power's Swing cells with the capacity and ease of implementation of traditional large format cells.
Mundt also had a key block on Dwyane Stanford's 35-yard touchdown reception.
Luna also helped Milford win the Holyoke Hall of Fame Tournament, making a key block during the final set in a win over West Springfield.
the Trail Blazers with 15 points and a key block on a Damian Lillard shot which could have sent the game to overtime.
Alongside Poppy's friendship with Zoe, the key block of the film involves her attempt to learn to drive with instructor Scott.
A key block is thrown on the backside defensive end (by a fullback, slot back, or tight end) so that the DE cannot run the ball carrier down from behind.
featurette- Director Doug Block talks to each of the key Block family members about their personal reactions to the film's theatrical release and the changes that it has made in their respective lives.
6 ASHLEY WILLIAMS (CAPT) Won't be happy with the way his side defended but did his job by and large, making key block on King that really should have helped Swansea see game out.
Key block to deny Adebayor but needed help stopping Bolasie
concern for Birmingham is that around ten per cent of the economy is reliant on the media, gaming and digital services and the BBC is the key block at the heart of much of this.