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A business can use their key man polices the same way.
Initially there would be uncertainty because of the need to replace the key man quickly, followed by a period of re-adjustment during which the company will struggle on with a less able understudy.
The average institutional investor stays with a manager for seven years -- the odds of something happening to the key man in seven years is low.
Key man insurance can cost from $1,000 (Dh3,678) to $40,000 a year depending on the age, health and importance of the key person, he said.
As the name suggests, key man insurance covers the company in case of an unexpected death or disability of a key employee that would seriously hurt the company's cash flow.
Ultimately, PK wants to have a key man in each of the nation's 400,000 churches, using the military ideas of discipline and male bonding in small groups.
Key man/thin management discount: A key man or thin management discount would be appropriate in the valuation of a closely held company to the extent that the operations of the company are embodied in one or a few individuals.
asked Larry Karson, a criminal justice professor at the University of Houston-Downtown who in 2004 studied the key man system.
I read a recent article on Partnership Insurance and a colleague mentioned to me that I should be considering Key Man Insurance in relation to my business.
India's Harbhajan Singh took 11 wickets the last time India played a Test at Bangalore, and his partner in spinning crime, Anil Kumble, was a key man in the victory at Kolkata in last week's Test.
REPUBLIC of Ireland captain Kenny Cunningham believes winger Damien Duff is Ireland's key man ahead of Wednesday's crucial World Cup clash with France.
I'm well aware that the Barcelona midfielder was a key man in the team that went on to win the 2010 World Cup and the Euros again in 2012, but 2008 was their big breakthrough.