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Similarly, if a key point has six major aspects that you think you must present, then that is what you should do.
Similarly, subpoints for a key point should not be revealed one by one, in "suspense" fashion, but previewed as you begin to discuss that key point.
This announcement was made in Parliament today by the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa as he presented the findings and recommendations of the Advisory Committee he appointed in May this year, as provided for in terms of Section 6 (1) of the National Key Points Act.
The National Key Points Act has been criticised in the recent past for being based on old apartheid legislation.
Batino said the latest round of talks found consensus on key points reflecting "full respect for Philippine sovereignty, non-permanence of US troops and no US military bases in the Philippines and a ban on weapons of mass destruction.
Booker has been working with provider Key Points for four years, but the scheme was never actively marketed.
Supply and installation of seven (7) Local Stations Water (TSY) at key points of the distribution network in the Water areas of Agia Marina.
Acting Finance Minister Temir Sariev communicated the key points of the revised draft of the Constitution for the population of Issyk-Kul region as part of his working visit on June 4.
We worked to gain inclusion of FEI's key points and modify the troublesome provisions as much as possible.
Pepperdine (16-6, 8-1) update: The Waves started their crucial four-game road trip with a 67-60 victory Thursday over San Diego, getting 26 points from Brandon Armstrong, including the final 10 points to end the first half and eight key points down the stretch.
The coach must start by preplanning the key points of the demonstration and making sure that the environment is conclusive to learning.
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