key point

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Ms Ntobongwana stated the committees intention to do a follow up visit to check on the completion of the process to secure WAFB as a national key point within this five-year term.
Key point: Athletics is not football but as far as the story 'Felix in Doha' is concerned, history does count.
Similarly, subpoints for a key point should not be revealed one by one, in "suspense" fashion, but previewed as you begin to discuss that key point.
In summary, the key points of the arguments of Nathan Sivin and the author of this article, are the following:
This harmony is achieved by having investigators, collaborators, administrators, communications personnel, and key agency officials answer the following questions: 1) What is the key point of this interview?--Your statement should reflect what you would like to see as the lead paragraph in a newspaper story or broadcast news report about this subject.
"You have to try all the time not to get deflected from the key point. And the key point is a lasting political settlement."
This will be a key point that will differentiate one system from another to patients.
'Key points were raised to explain the key point of the election act.'
Each brief chapter ends with a key point. This second edition is updated to reflect current research and emphasis in the field.
Each chapter concludes with an outline summarizing key points, and most chapters also include a key point chart.
One key point: CFOs can't apply ordinary financial discipline to managing healthcare, especially in the absence of meaningful metrics.