key woman

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The forth key woman in business that appeared on the 1st birthday celebration of the popular streamed TV Show was Ms.
The 2011 Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has recovered from the illness which forced her to withdraw from the WTA Championships, but punters considering backing the Czechs might want to see what sort of condition their key woman is in before they rush in.
Even so, there's useful material on the scrapbook site, including the current "HerStory 360[degrees] Challenge": for the first 90 days of 2010, a new story will be posted every day about a key woman in the suffrage campaign: "90 stories about 90 women over 90 days to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment.
We've tried things like buddying up with other women, following up with a phone call, and each group then had a key woman they could contact.
But they had to drop a charge of first-degree murder after a key woman witness altered her evidence.