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He asserted that HM the King's keynote speech will be interpreted into reality through parliamentary, legislative and regulatory work, and that House of Representatives will establish a parliamentary committee to respond to the speech contents.
2 A peer-reviewed journal article based on this research and keynote speech, to be published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society.
Author Ralph Wiley will give the keynote speech, "Should America be the Moral Police of the World?
Bancroft's keynote speech will open the daylong conference designed to stimulate, challenge and encourage women, said spokeswoman Kateri Alexander.
Paul will return to the West Coast on Friday September 16th to deliver the keynote speech at the Liberty Political Action Conference in Nevada, before returning to California for the second time in as many weeks.
A keynote speech by Sheriff Sherman Block and a safety fair will be among the highlights of this year's Lancaster Sheriff's Department open house scheduled for May 10.
AUSTIN, Texas -- PubCon, the search engine and Internet marketing conference and expo, will feature a keynote speech by Satya Nadella, corporate vice president of the search and advertising platform group at Microsoft, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, on November 11-14, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
A representative of the Federal Reserve Bank will be delivering the keynote speech at the Texas seminars.
Shama from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will give his keynote speech on Thursday, February 8th at 9am.
Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics, today delivers the keynote speech at the Alcoa Foundation's Advancing Sustainability Conference, a gathering of leaders in the sustainability and conservation movement.
David Berlind, Mashup Camp organizer and executive editor at ZDNet, is also scheduled to give a keynote speech at the conference.
This year also promises another strong CEATEC JAPAN Keynote Speech lineup.