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First-day keynoters Wendy Hall and Nigel Shadbolt will start off the event with thoughts about the semantic web; second-day keynoter Blaise Cronin, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, will target his discussion about information science; last-day keynoter Charlene Li, co-author of Groundswell-Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, will explore social media's impact on organizations and audience engagement.
Among the keynoters and session leaders are Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt University and Computers in Libraries columnist), Denise Davis (ALA), Peter Shepherd (Project COUNTER), Adam Chandler (Cornell University Library), Oliver Pesch (EBSCO Information Services), Herbert von de Sompel (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Karen Coyle (Digital Library Consultant), and Mike Teets (OCLC).
Other 2003 keynoters were Assistant Treasury Secretary Pam Olson, acting IRS Commissioner Bob Wenzel, LMSB Commissioner Larry Langdon (in his final TEI appearance before retiring in May), and Daniel Goelzer of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.
Our keynoters include Congressman Phil Crane of Illinois, Assistant Treasury Secretary Jon Talisman, IRS Commissioner Charles Rossotti, and Linda Burke, the first Division Counsel of the IRS's new Large and Mid-Size Business Division (and a former TEI President, whom we will honor during the conference).
Last but not least, our two keynoters from Capitol Hill had good advice for us.