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Ponce is hiding these documents from being exposed because Ponce is controlling the project and has received multimillion kickback,' the letter complaint read.
Next is a discussion of testing conducted with a battery-powered chainsaw in which basic motion characteristics of kickback are identified.
The SEC further alleges that Switzerland-based OEC-Medical made an in-kind kickback payment of approximately $870,000 on one contract worth $2.
This was a sophisticated kickback scheme," said Tim McCormack, a Phillips & Cohen lawyer in Washington.
The prosecutors, however, failed to show in detail how Sato had actually concealed the alleged kickbacks or used the money.
To avoid kickback, Piercy said operators should use a saw equipped with a chain brake or kickback guard.
More indictments are expected this week against cooperative and condominium managers who have been allegedly involved in vendor kickback schemes.
Specifically, the statute made it a misdemeanor for any individual to furnish, solicit, offer or receive any kickback, bribe or rebate in connection with any item or service for which payment could be made under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
Obayashi denied the money was a kickback, saying it underreported income because of a time lag and mistakes in accounting.
As originally enacted in 1972, the anti-kickback statute created a misdemeanor offense and was limited in scope to prohibiting only kickbacks, bribes, and rebates in connection with the referral of Medicare or Medicaid patients or furnishing items or services reimbursed by those programs.
Barnette forfeited $400,000 to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in connection with the kickback scheme.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has found a previous owner and operator of a Florida-based airline fuel supply service firm guilty of being involved in a kickback scheme to defraud Illinois-based Ryan International Airlines, a charter airline firm sited in Rockford, Ill.