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And away comes the ball, kicked high in the air, to give the School time to rush on and catch it as it falls.
At length all this was devoutly believed; and the new sexton used to exhibit to the curious, for a trifling emolument, a good- sized piece of the church weathercock which had been accidentally kicked off by the aforesaid horse in his aerial flight, and picked up by himself in the churchyard, a year or two afterwards.
Now, if I had a full meal for every dog I've kicked across the parade-ground I should be as fat as Two Tails nearly.
Now you want to know too much, young un," said Billy, "and that is one way of getting kicked.
The Wolf consented and lifted up the foot, and was giving his whole mind to the discovery of the thorn, when the Ass, with his heels, kicked his teeth into his mouth and galloped away.
Richard Vasey kicked the penalties with ease, one of which was from the half way line.
Following Mirman's goal, the Wolverines nearly took the lead twice before the shootout, but Patrick Keane kicked the ball away from Okano in front of an open net in regulation and Eldridge came up with a kick save on Stephen Jackson's shot in the first 10-minute overtime.
In any case, the kicker has to develop his own cue to get the ball kicked as soon as it is placed on the block or spot.
When a football is inflated or deflated beyond that ideal amount, it will not travel as far when it is kicked.