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I'm kicked around but that's my job - I've got a thick skin but I'm only a servant who is trying to get the money for the Welsh people.
The Tyrrhenian Sea is that small ocean basin in the Mediterranean that looks as though it's forever being kicked around by Italy.
We kicked around some ideas, and started thinking about putting out recording devices.
Beaten and kicked around the head, the Lurgan-born Celtic legend was lucky to have survived with severe bruising and shock.
How many people do you know get a DUI (driving under the influence) and are kicked around for six months?
But Johnson's crew chief, Chad Knaus, offered a suggestion, one that has been kicked around NASCAR for a few years.
KICKED around in recent runs, Donegal Dancer has been given little chance to reward his followers at Shawfield.
The computer hardware sector has been kicked around during this economic malaise, but 2003 holds new possibilities for the struggling space.
The former England and Spurs ace, 41, kicked around a football and enjoyed a game of frisbee with Regan, 12.