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So they kicked around the idea for the next four years, got a patent with the help of the Navy in 2002 and now find "keen interest" from both the government and the commercial sector in their Precision Parachute Recovery System.
They should not be given to yobs to be kicked around the floor and bullied, perhaps starved, tied up, and put through a lot of cruelty.
On many occasions, we have heard statements such as "I was able to ask some particularly enlightening questions of our consultant as a result of the stats class discussion last week" or "in a recent meeting, compensation came up, and I drew on the ideas on motivation we kicked around in the discussion forum last night.
Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around since I was born.
If good buildings are more than icons and architects' indulgences, they must be seen to be inhabited and used and kicked around.
Despite a recent critical report from the Audit Commission on the state of the NHS in Wales, Ms Hutt said the NHS should not be kicked around like a political football.