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But the Wales International, who has had a baby with Charlotte, 21, may get kicked into touch by the razor giantsdueto hisnewly flourishing face fungus.
The proposal was under the discussion at a meeting of the League's 72 chairmen yesterday but Tranmere fullback Stockdale hopes it is kicked into touch.
On the last national census forms, it was legally frowned upon for the Welsh to state Welshness as a nationality, unlike the Scots and Irish, but that piece of racial nastiness was quickly kicked into touch, despite threats of dire legal consequences for non-compliance.
GRAFFITI is being kicked into touch by a new community arts scheme.
But no wonder, too, that the management is more than a mite disappointed that an enterprising solution to a one-off problem was kicked into touch.
Proposals to redevelop a Midland football ground as a superstore have been kicked into touch by councillors.
A pounds 73MILLION sale of five-a-side footie chain Goals has been kicked into touch.
Summer time is nearly here What for Redcar not so clear When I was young this was the place Families on holiday with their buckets and spades This Redcar town we all held so dear Nothing to do, nowhere to go The Coatham project would have helped so much But even that has been kicked into touch.
But the bad rep is kicked into touch by this high-flying 3D hit.
During the 2008/2009 season, around a quarter of the club's home fixtures were kicked into touch due to the condition of the pitch and floodlighting.
I find this rather reassuring in a day and age when anything that smacks of tradition seems to be kicked into touch.
White said they had 10 seconds - then promptly blew the whistle when James Hook kicked into touch.