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Commander Paul Hood is kicked upstairs and is named Special Envoy to the President.
If those partners can't reach consensus on a subject such as "revenue recognition," the issue gets kicked upstairs to a national review process inside the audit firm and possibly reaches the point of arbitration.
A year or so later, when it was evident to everyone that Robson was about to be kicked upstairs and that Louis Van Gaal would take over, some of my friends went to visit him in Sitges too.
One of the game's great coaches, McGeechan's principal job is to assemble combinations that can achieve that but he, like his team, seems to be running out of ideas and may be relieved to have already agreed the deal which will see him kicked upstairs to the national director of rugby's job after the World Cup.
Even as we put together this report, the less agile and flexible of the wunderkind were quietly being kicked upstairs or unceremoniously off to the side.
That's despite the shock news that Niven, still only 34 but in the veterans' league these days, is being kicked upstairs at his long-term boss Mary Reveley's powerful Cleveland stables.
Now, it has never happened in India that a serving prime minister has been kicked upstairs to Rashtrapati Bhavan.