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It's been kicking around since the mid 1800s and along with our very own Newcastle Brown Ale, it's up there in the Premiership of worldwide brands.
The city of Walnut Ridge is kicking around the idea of building a new municipal center.
Aggracyst is an angry man, which might be a given for a gay white hip-hop artist kicking around open mikes from Detroit to Atlanta to New York.
THE creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, reckons the reason Eva Longoria was the only actress in the series not to get an Emmy nomination was either because "she is so incredibly gorgeous or because the other women have been kicking around for so long and have a lot of friends in the industry".
After kicking around the province of Lucca in his youth, as a mechanic, farmer, marble cutter, and dockworker, in 1896 Pea set off for Alexandria, where he frequented anarchist circles, befriended the poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, and became an importer of Italian marble and maker of furniture (Pound, himself a carpenter a ses heures, would later describe Pea's prose thus: He "writes like a man who could make a good piece of mahogany furniture").
PS Saw the royal souvenirs this week and rummaged around for one I had kicking around.
Livin' ain't livin' with that sort of mistake kicking around your kettle.
I joined the International Pen Friends Club and was delighted to discover that,far from being dead and in spite of e-mail, the good old letter is still alive and kicking around the world.