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The partners also are kicking around the idea of building some rental cabins on the land too.
Doctor Walter Halley, the Turf Club medical officer, said: "He is fully conscious, though, and while recovery will take a little while, he is in no danger, and there are no spinal injuries, which is a relief as he took a real kicking around.
While her big sister, Pinky, is following her womanly predestination by becoming engaged, contrary Jess Bharara (the daisy-fresh Parminder Nagra) would rather be kicking around the soccer ball with a gay male Indian buddy who passes for straight (Ameet Chana) and a straight girlfriend, Jules (slinky Keira Knightley), whose mother thinks she's a lesbian.
Norwich against Oxford is Sky's noon special while there is plenty of Italian and Spanish stuff kicking around to keep the anoraks tickled.
A friend said: "Paul and Regan had a great time kicking around a football together in the grounds.
After kicking around Oxnard High during Week 3 of the football season every year for the past six seasons, Valencia - 6-0 in the Oxnard series with an average victory margin of 23.
The issues Schutz engages have been kicking around for more than a century, and for many her work represents a nightmare return to "retinal" art--sheer eye candy, Narrative is a knotty issue, too: Schutz has described her paintings as "loosely based on meta-narratives" that she creates herself, and which have included images of the last man on earth and of humans apparently crossed with aliens or robots.
Here's a status report on these and other high-profile gay- and lesbian-themed properties that have been kicking around a little too long for our taste.
Duvall would play their uncle and we are kicking around the idea of their adventures in a road house movie.
He said: "This was never more than bored geeks kicking around an idea.